SuperCleaner Robot Vacuum


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SuperCleaner Robot Vacuum

The SuperCleaner Robot Vacuum stands out among its competitors by quietly cleaning throughout your home, using lasers to map out and navigate instead of bumping its way around your home for a smoother and less noisy operation.

Dustbin capacity for the SuperClean is maximized by compressing the debris in the dustbin as it suctions, resulting in far fewer trips to empty as it cleans. The three-hour runtime and multi-floor mapping make this robot vacuum a great choice for larger homes.

This vacuum does an excellent job maneuvering itself, as it cleans in an organized pattern and can make its way around obstacles like chairs, tables, and couches or climbing over low obstructions like electrical cords without getting stuck.

It also feels well-built, with a high-grade plastic body and dense rubber wheels, and has an onboard HEPA filter to trap allergens as it cleans. You can use its companion app to start a cleaning session, set up a cleaning schedule, or even pilot the vacuum remotely.

Reasons to buy

  • Quiet and powerful basic model
  • Moves smoothly around objects
  • Washable air filter
  • Easy to set auto cleaning schedule
  • Slim design gets under low furniture


Packaging includes

  • SuperCleaner Robot Vacuum
Additional information

Hard Floor,Low-Pile Carpet,Carpet,Dual action

Battery Composition


Form Factor


Suction Power


Dustbin Capacity


Battery Capacity







15.2 x 17.78 x 4.72 inches


16.37 pounds


Red, Black, White

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